How We Help
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How We Help

Programs and Bursaries offered by the Halifax Region Children’s Aid Foundation

National Grants

CIBC Miracle Fund: A special fund designed to support disadvantaged children and give them access to experiences that enhance their physical, mental, social and developmental well-being.

Scotia Capital Stay in School Program:

  • Stay in School Awards: A program designed to help disadvantaged children and youth strive for academic success and recognize their academic achievements.
  • Leap to Learning:  A program meant to provide children in need with resources to help them achieve academic success. Funds go towards private and group tutoring.
  • Graduation Awards: Scotia Capital Graduation Awards are given to youth in care who are either graduating from junior high or high school. They are meant to recognize the efforts and achievements of youth in care and encourage them to continue with their education.

Ted and Loretta Rogers Foster Care Comfort Kits: This program’s mission is to give comfort and support to children transitioning into foster care by providing them with backpacks that contain certain items that are meant to help children cope with this overwhelming period of their life and ease their transition.

Regional Grants

Good Beginnings Fund: A regional fund meant to provide financial support to vulnerable children under the age of 18. Funds are given to children and youth to support a variety of opportunities and experiences and/or to provide children with basic necessities.

Sparkle Fund Nova Scotia: A program dedicated to providing youth ages 15-21 with funding to cover dental care costs.

Education Achievement Awards: Education awards are granted to disadvantaged youth to support their post-secondary academic goals. Funds awarded are set directly to the institution or university to pay for partial or full tuition.

Transitions to Independence: A program meant to provide opportunities and support to youth transitioning out of care to independent living.